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Your waiver process just got easier! Singenuity’s cutting-edge smart waiver system is designed to streamline your operation, enhance safety, and elevate the overall customer experience.

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Why choose Singenuity?

Your waiver process just got easier! Singenuity’s cutting-edge smart waiver system is designed to streamline your operation, enhance safety, and elevate the overall customer experience.

Benefits of using Singenuity

Efficiency at Every Step

Automated delivery & reminders

On average, you’ll see 80% of guests arrive with their waivers filled out. Say goodbye to paper forms and manual data entry. Our digital waivers and activity booking software streamline processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Enhanced Safety Compliance

Custom forms

Whether your state or your insurance requires additional information, or you want to capture additional customer information our flexible forms can make sure all your boxes are checked. Ensure that all guests understand and acknowledge your terms, making safety a top priority.

Integrated Booking System

Zero integration needed

Connecting your customers to activities is automatic with Singenuity, and waiver statuses can be viewed in a glance. For those that fill out a waiver before selecting an activity, our Waiver Queue puts new waivers at the top for easy assignment.

Superior Technology

Built only for you

Designed around the needs of operators like you, Singenuity’s waiver system is streamlined to match your workflow, removing unnecessary touches and including complete connections to your booking and point-of-sale. Our platform is designed to outperform other booking systems, offering robust features that cater specifically to the needs of tour and attraction operators.

Cost-effective solution

More money (for you),
less problems (too)

No need to pay for another software or remember another password, Singenuity’s waiver system is free to all tour and attraction operators. Singenuity is free to tour and attraction operators, removing financial barriers to access advanced technology.

A partnership you can trust

A shared investment in your success. .

From customer support, onboarding, or even how the pricing structure is laid out, you’ll have zero doubt that Singenuity is invested in your success. Fellow users boast a stronger connection with Singenuity’s teams, experiencing unparalleled support and guidance. Our customers boast a stronger connection with Singenuity’s customer success team, experiencing unparalleled support and guidance. Your success is our success, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Companies that have switched to Singenuity report more success, citing increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced safety measures. Our system isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer for your business.

The voice of Singenuity users

Hear from satisfied Singenuity users about how Singenuity has transformed their operations and helped them achieve new heights of success.

It's more than free digital waivers

See what's included in Singenuity's ecosystem of operational tools.

✓  Top performing online booking portal  

✓  The easiest way to take payments online or in-person

✓  Robust point-of-sale with inventory tracking 

✓  Easily created packages with your own and partners inventory 

✓  A true rental system integrated with your other inventory 

✓  A photo system connected directly to customers, activities, and your point-of-sale  

✖  Form-first booking walls

✖  Expensive card processors and proprietary hardware

✖  Separate systems to sell merchandise and book activities 

✖  Constant opening and closing time slots for packages   

✖  Waiting until the end of the day for data to update

✖  Expensive third party photo solutions loosely integrated  

Experience Singenuity in Action

Unfortunately, cursing at your computer won’t make your systems any quicker, turn your software frustration into action by scheduling a demo with an expert consultant. There you’ll go step-by-step through your operation to see if Singenuity can cover some of your known or even unknown gaps. Embrace the future with Singenuity and experience the difference a smart waiver system can make.

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