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Square and Singenuity

Cash is the ultimate liquid asset, until your booking software places it in a cosmic limbo. Yeah, forget that!

We couldn’t stand the middleman so we fired them. With our Square integration, you hold our money, not the other way around. We don’t get paid until you get paid, and we do everything possible to make sure you get paid.

square ipad stand and card reader running singenuity

The planets most intuitive card-readers belong to Square. Their suite of hardware is simple, elegant, and plug-and-play. Sharing our vision to empower operators, we set a unprecedented deal in motion. Singenuity users now get special Square processing rates and Singenuity syncs directly with Square.

Not only does that save you money on every swipe, it also makes set up, repairing, or upgrading extremely friendly. Adding additional point-of-sale stations is just a Walmart trip away. Plus, Square’s card-processing adds additional protections to stop fraudulent purchases.

Already using Square? Beautiful. 

Not only do you get a better rate, your transactions come to life in Singenuity. Itemized, and drenched in insightful data, your accountant will need a couple tissues for all those happy tears.

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