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Week View Sidebar

1-click bookings, 1-click everything else. The nifty tool that brings your most common actions and sought-after information to view when navigating the week schedule.


Customer self-reschedule and self-cancellation

Phone calls are great…unless you have a long line of people in front of you waiting to be helped. Then you’ll be grateful that the customer can reschedule themselves online – within the parameters you set.


Register on web

Rethought, redesigned, and re-gistered to work on any device, wherever you need it. Create new bookings, edit existing ones, take payments and issue refunds more intuitively than ever before, now from your laptop or phone.


Customer self-serve ticketing kiosk

Whether you are looking to capture more foot-traffic or have had trouble keeping enough ticketing staff, self-serve kiosk can save the day. If airports and McDonald’s can do it, so can you.

self-service kiosks allow customers to purchase tickets, photos and fill waivers

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