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Capture and sell photos

All you do is take the picture. We do the rest.

Our photo system is not an add-on but rather a core piece of Singenuity. Clients use it as a marketing tool, a revenue generator, or a customer experience aid (guests can relax when they’re not worried about missing the photo ops).

The main hurdles we solve: 1) guests waiting around for their photos to be uploaded after their experience; 2) delivering photos (printing, emailing, USB flash drives); 3) third-party systems that don’t talk to your booking software, and who take a big cut of photo revenue; 4) time consuming implementation.

With us all you have to do is take the picture, and we take care of the rest. We have for years and we’re happy to help talk through best practices and how to get started.

Quick case study: CLIMB Works switched from RFID-triggered cameras on their zipline tours to using Singenuity’s photo system and now averages $8 per head (total photo sales / total visitors) on photo sales alone.

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