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Customer experience is king

You can only get there by sweating the small stuff, and we sweat a lot.

When your average customer on your website hits Book Now, truth is they think we’re you and you’re us. Which is a nice way of saying: they don’t know we exist. And we’re good with that. We represent you, and we don’t take that lightly.

Our take? Every single interaction with a customer defines your brand and your customers’ perception of you. Every touch should be handled with marketing gloves AND spellcheck.

With Singenuity, here are some of the 5-star, review-driving touch-points that you’ll have with your customer outside of the actual activity they’re paying you for, and they’re too important to leave to just anyone:

  • your website
  • online bookings
  • confirmation email
  • online waivers
  • reminder texts
  • self-serve kiosks for
  • tickets, waivers, or photos
  • mobile tickets
  • TV displays showing
  • upcoming appointments or live photo slideshow
  • buying merchandise
  • credit card payments (swipe, dip, tap, mobile wallet, etc)
  • selecting and purchasing activity photos
  • post-visit messages (driving reviews and photo sales)

If your activity is the meat and potatoes, we’ll bring all the sides and desserts. Yes, multiple desserts.

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