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Waivers that respect parents

…and your time.

Imagine a sprinter van of energetic children arriving at your attraction. As a parent, just the car ride alone has left you on the verge of losing sanity. And now, you face a daunting line and a stack of forms to sign for each rambunctious child.

When booking in advance, waivers can be conveniently texted directly to guardians’ phones, allowing them to fill them out during a relaxing bath. Parents can effortlessly add children to their waivers, eliminating tons of unnecessary forms.

For attractions that review waivers during ticket scanning, the process is a breeze. Waivers are seamlessly connected to digital tickets, easily accessible within the same program
On Singenuity’s ecosystem of services, waivers effortlessly integrate with bookings, tickets, purchases, photos, and more – streamlining your workflow.

In the awful chance of needing to find a waiver, all waivers are cataloged, searchable, timestamped for easy recovery.

waivers that allow family members

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