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Our unique take on tickets started with real-life scenarios and we worked backwards from there.

Real-world problems solved:

The whole party doesn’t always show up together
Picture this – a dad itching to enter the attraction with his family, but stuck at the door with additional tickets for his always-late brother-in-law.

The simple solution: don’t invite him.

Or better yet, send him a digital ticket – the ticket that holds all the tickets inside. Scan it to check-in the present members, and they can scan the same code upon arrival.

Attach waivers to tickets in real-time
Know exactly who is onboard and rest easy knowing each has signed a waiver.

Load wristbands with new activities
If you’re attraction has a lot of different offerings, wristband tickets can house multiple activities with limited uses. And it’s easy to add and manage activities at any Register station.

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