Maximum throughput for
holiday & haunt attractions

If Jingle Bells or Jack the Ripper signify the season for your business, your yearly sprint comes and goes in the night. While year-long preparation keeps your attraction at the top of the game, inefficient processes can hinder your haunt or holiday festivity’s ability to reach its full potential. Enjoy a software that isn’t afraid of large groups and won’t leave you alone on those scary nights.

Presell tickets

Ready for a new season? Let’s discount, dynamically price, or sell group activities in advance to have a clear picture of the staff necessary to manage the scale of the day-to-day operation. What size of team do you need to reach your goals this year?

How many staff do you need? Let’s slim that number down.

It starts with “One [ticket] to rule them all.”

ticket for a spooky attraction at a Lord of the Rings themed park
1 ticket = all people
Whether it’s a family or a group of high school friends, tickets booked together can stay together to minimize the steps staff have to take.

1 ticket = all activities
Less paper or screens to fumble through. Add hayrides to haunts, sleigh rides to Santa’s lap, view any and all activities assigned to the ticket.

1 ticket = all waivers
Scan the ticket and confirm all members have filled out waivers before arrival. Lazy guests? Immediately send a link to their phone or send them to a self-service kiosk.

1 ticket = all photos
Snap those sweet kids on Santa’s lap or acne-ridden teens that squeak when they scream. Sell them those memorable moments with minimal effort or even automated marketing.

How many steps were erased with the tickets? Good news, we’re still on the first day of Christmas, there are many more gifts to come.

Nashville's Devil's Dungeon with a line out the door of guests ready to be haunted

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With experience under our belt serving the spookiest to the most jolly and bright, a team of experts is ready to help you reach your ideal operational state.


Expect an expert on your team passionate about your profession.

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That’s the average for new & seasonal staff to be running on Singenuity. Cut the stress and enjoy a software you and your team can count on during the busiest days.


Slim down 7 software solutions to one. Get a daily pulse with our intelligent reports tracking revenue and operational efficiency across your entire operation.

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