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Self-Service Kiosks & Your Customer Experience

hand using tap to pay feature with an iphone and a square register

Self-service kiosks have changed the way businesses interact with customers.Burger joints, movie theaters, and DMVs alike have adopted this new wave of customer experience tools and for good reason. Why? Here is what a self-service kiosk can do for your attraction, your customers, and your revenue. 

Improved Customer Journey

With user-friendly interfaces and clear instructions, these kiosks cater all ages and technical abilities. Access to real-time information, selectable activities, and comparable ticket options empower customers to make informed decisions. Putting power in your customers hands leaves them more satisfied and on average spending 20% more.

Streamlined Operations:

Traditional “window-only” ticketing involves manual processes, leading to potential bottlenecks and errors. With self-serve kiosks, businesses can streamline their operations by reducing staffing needs or optimizing resource allocation. Kiosks automate routine tasks, enabling staff to focus on higher-value activities such as customer service and engagement.

Payroll Savings

If finding the staff wasn’t already a hard enough job. Typical manual ticketing workflows require multiple team members to assist with ticket sales, inquiries, and administrative responsibilities. Self-service kiosks on average deliver 1.5 more throughput than front desks and are available 24/7 for less than $500.

Data Insights: 

When unbridled by staff habits or suggestions, customers act naturally and select for themselves. By analyzing customer preferences, purchase patterns, and behavior, organizations can gain deeper insights into their target audience. This data can inform marketing strategies, enable personalized promotions, and improve future ticketing offerings.

As the world moves toward a future where efficiency and convenience reign supreme, self-service kiosks will undoubtedly continue to reshape the ticketing industry, setting new standards for customer-centric experiences. Grow your throughput, customer satisfaction, data, and bottom-line with self service kiosks today.

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